Beds are available for sale in the shop.  


Below is a slideshow of some of our beds.

bulldozer bunk bed
Full Size Bed
Twin Fender Bed
Full Size with Fenders
Queen Bed
Full Size bed with sides
Full Size Bed
67-72 C10 Truck
Stepside Truck Bed
Square body Twin Bed
Twin Square Body
Square body Bed
Loft bed
Queen size truck bed
Full Size Bed
Mates Bed
Tractor bunk bed
Ford Queen Bed
67-72 C10 Truck
Queen Captains bed
Twin Trundle Bed
Twin Bed
Full Size 4WD bed
Twin Fender bed
Twin 4WD Bed
Personalized bed
Dodge Twin
personalized twin bed
Step bed single fender
Queen Truck Bed
Full Size Bed
Twin Bed
Queen Bed
Twin Bed
Square body bed
King BEd
Queen Bed

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Full Size Bed

This is a full size bed. It easily disassembles for shipping. Painted any color you'd like. Working lights included. $1590