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Gas Pump Refrigerator

Gas Pump Refrigerator


This purchase does not include the refrigerator.    The refrigerator can be purchased from multiple sources including best buy, Amazon, lowes and home depot.  The price of the fridge ranges from $499 to 659.

We have made tgis easy for you.   We have made all of the parts to make the fridge look just like the pictures.   We will send you the globe, light kit and all of the pieces to assemble the fridge in minimal time.   Generally less than an hour for even the novice person.    We will include detailed instructions that are simple to understand.      

You can purchase the fridge and have it shipped directly to you separately and we will supply all of the decals and metal sign.   Everything you see in this picture will be included except the refrigerator.    We will email you the brand and size of the fridge you need after the order is placed

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