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Over 50 years of classic truck benches

Click the picture below to view the rest of our pictures for this brand.  We make 1960-1988


Flag Bench

Available on any make and model that we make.  Custom painted flag.  Available with Red, white, or Blue sides.  You pick the stain color.  Click the picture to see more photos


FRD Model 73-79

We also make this model in the 67-72 Ranger.  Click the picture below to see more photos.


1965 Fleetside Model

One of our most unique pieces.  Built from a 1965.  We can paint this any color you'd like.  Stain is your choice.  Click the picture for more photos


Rabbit Bench

They only built this rabbit truck for a few short years.  Very unique piece.  Please click the picture for more photos


Restaurant Bench Booths

We also have this booth available sith short sides so its easier to get in and out of.  Click the picture for more photos


Metal benches all makes available

available in all makes and models.  Available with one or two cushions.  Cup holder optional.

You pick the color, brand, cushion color.  Click the picture to see more photos


Ski Lift Bench

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Bronco Bench

This is such a classic early bronco style.  Click the link below to see more pictures.


Stand alone Tailgate seat

We make this piece in over 20 different trucks.  Please click the picture if you'd like to see more examples.  


Personalized Debranded Bench

We've got you covered if you'd like a custom bench with your personal or company logo.  Click the picture for additional photos

custom brand.jpg


This is a custom piece.  We can remake this Tesla tailgate bench but this is just an example that we can build anything you'd like.  

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