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U shaped Desks

Do you have a large space to fill?  This is the perfect desk for that.  Truly a handbuilt desk.  You will wow everyone when they walk into your space and see you sitting at a desk that looks like an old truck.

We use only the highest grade materials.  We bodywork the pieces to this desk thoroughly.  We spend countless hours going over the details to ensure that you get a very high quality desk.  We use ball bearing drawer slides.  Nickel plated handles.  Only the best of the best.  Made right here in the USA


U Shaped Desk

Painted any color you'd like.  

U shaped Desk

Stained any color you'd like.  Professionally sprayed automotive clear coat on top of all of our Oak tops.  Only high quality midwest kiln dried lumber used.  


U Shaped Desk

Even the drawers are oak.  Zero partical board used on our desks.  Just look at the grain in that wood.  This isn't my first choice for wood color but it sure shows the quality and attention to detail while sanding these tops.  

U shaped Desk

We offer two types of wheels.  An old school rally wheel.  Available with a white wall or without.  And an 18 inch pro touring wheel.  You can also see that we can customize the tailgate sign to say your company or personal logo.

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