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Fender Desks

We offer two wheel styles.  This is a pro touring 18 inch wheel.  You will see other pictures with an old school rally wheel available with or without a whitewall

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Here's an example of heavy patina.  We also engraved on the oak top on this one.  You're on the right webpage if you want a hand built customized piece built specifically for you!

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Here's an example of the old school rally wheel with a white wall.  Light patina on this example.


Available in any color you'd like.  You choose the color.  You choose if you want it to be shiny or have patina added to it.  

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Build your own space.  If you don't like working at this view....we are the wrong website for you.  We build cool stuff!

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We can furnish your entire space.  If you'd like to blow people away, we can build anything you want.  Your imagination is our only limitation

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